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"Our goal is to enhance the data sourcing for survey projects, providing cost effectively, fast quality data whether it comes from customers, through telephone (CATI), Face to Face interviews(CAPI) or Panel Databases over the Web (CAWI)."
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Opinion Canvass is a platform for all Computer Assisted Interviewing (CAI) offering a central admin interface across all survey applications (CATI, CAPI, CAWI) with strong features for Rich and fast Data collection and Analysis

Key Features
- Advanced Questionnaire Building
- Integration with CATI, CAPI, CAWI
- Quota Management
- Reporting & Scheduling

With Opinion Canvass' s Questionnaire Builder you can create advanced surveys, using your branding, chosing from a wide range of Question types with advanced logical Operations.

Key Characteristics
- Wide range of Question types
- Advanced Logical Operations
- Multilingual support
- Mobile / Tablet Compatible Survey Theme

Opinion Canvass can help you create a web panel with full integration with the rest of the platform by simply assigning users instead of the typical agents/researchers.

Key Characteristics
- Branded Panel creation
- User/member registration
- Rewards management
- Qualitative monitoring, analysis and evaluation
- Marketing tools for campaigning